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  • Cliff Creek Fire eclipses 24,000 acres; just 15% contained

    Those on the scene are endeavoring to keep the fire south and east of the Granite Creek Drainage bottom and north of Dell and Jack Creek. This includes using “burnouts” or a fire inside a control line to consume fuel between the edge of the fire and the control line. This is also referred to as “fighting fire with fire.”
    Because of this method, the public can expect to see an increase in smoke coming from the fire area. (Photo provided by Bill Winney)

  • Cliff Creek Fire forces evacuations in Bondurant

    Bondurant, Wyo., July 18, 2016 – The Bridger-Teton National Forest and Interagency firefighters, have been fighting the Cliff Creek Fire, 5-miles north of Bondurant, Wyoming. The fire was reported at 2:30pm this afternoon and is currently 2200-acres.

    A Type 2 Incident Management Team has been ordered and will arrive on the Forest on Monday at 6:00pm. They will assume control of the fire at that time and manage it for the Forest. The Forest calls for the help of a Type 2 Incident Management team when a fire extends beyond the capabilities for local control by the Forest and it is expected to last for several days.

    One pole barn was burned in this fire. No other structures have been lost.

    Evacuations are in effect for the Bondurant residences west of the Elk Horn Bar & Grill, commonly known as the Dell Creek area. No other residences are evacuated. The Cliff Creek Drainage and the Forest’s Kozy Campground have been evacuated. Highway 191/89 between Daniel Junction, Wyoming and Hoback Junction, Wyoming is closed due to the fire. The fire is burning on both sides of the highway and there is thick smoke In the area impeding visibility.

    The fire has been growing to the north and east, moving towards the Granite creek drainage. Firefighters ordered aircraft to attack the fire. Helicopters dropped buckets of water on the flams and a large aircraft dropped fire retardant on the ridgelines to slow the spread of the blaze. The Deer Ridge Fire is burning 5.6 miles north of the Cliff Creek fire and is currently reported at 1.5 acres. That fire is not expected to merge with the Cliff Creek Fire tonight.

  • B-T expects full containment of the White fire by Monday

    The public is asked to drive slowly along the Greys River Road while visiting the Bridger-Teton National Forest. “The dust alone impedes the view of drivers along this gravel road, but the excessive speeds and taking turns so fast.” We have a lot of extra people and large trucks and equipment using that road, especially now with this fire,” he said. “I can’t emphasize enough the importance of slowing down and driving safely.” – Deputy Forest Supervisor Jose Castro

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