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The Star Valley Independent is a weekly newspaper published every Wednesday. It has been Star Valley’s newspaper for over 115 years.

Subcription Rates: One Year $30 in Lincoln County and $35 outside of Lincoln County
Publisher, Dan Dockstader

Editor, Sarah Hale

Sports Editor and Advertising Sales, Dahl Erickson

KRSV Radio Station Manager & Advertising Sales, Duke Dance

Design Manager Josh Henderson

Design Aubrey Taylor

Classified/Legals, Josh Henderson

Office Manager, Paula Nield

The Star Valley Independent is located at 360 South Washington (P.O. Box 129), Afton, Wyoming 83110
Phone: 307-885-5727 / Fax: 307-885-5742

Periodicals Postage Paid at Afton, WY 83110. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Star Valley Independent, Box 129, Afton, WY 83110
The Star Valley Independent (USPS 519-300) is published every Thursday.

Rate Information

Display: Open Rate $11.50 per column inch; Rerun Rate $11.00 per column inch (Cost of ad running second week and each week thereafter as long as it is run consecutively with no changes.); Contract Rate $10.50 per column inch (A 6 month contract is offered for those who need advertising that will require changes each week i.e. real estate ads etc., the cost stays at $10.50 per col. inch each week. The contract states that the advertiser will run some form of display advertising 3 weeks out of a 4 week month and 4 weeks out of a 5 week month.); National Rate $11.50 per column inch

Send Display Advertising requests to Dahl Erickson at:

Send Radio Advertising requests to Duke Dance at:

Classified Display: Open Rate $9.50 per column inch; Rerun Rate $9.00 per column inch; By the Word $.50 each word (There is a minimum charge for 12 words.); 15 words or less Pre-Paid $5 week

Send Classified Advertising requests to Aubrey Taylor at:

Legals: Open Rate: $11.50 per column inch

Send Legal Advertising requests to Josh Henderson at:

Preprinted Insert: In Lincoln County inserts, 8 page tab $300 (If more than 8 pages call for rates.); In County & out of Lincoln County $600 (If more than 8 pages call for rates.) Inserts must be 8.5” x 11” (Fold required if larger)

Send Preprinted Insert requests to Josh Henderson at:

General Information
Format: Weekly, paid tabloid. Published Wednesdays
Mechanicals: 5column (10”) x 16” or 61 x 95 picas
Column width is 2” or 11.5 picas
Gutter is .167” or 1 pica
Line screen preferred is 85
Circulation: 4,200

Legal Notices 12:00 p.m. Monday
Proof Ads 12:00 p.m. Monday
Display Ads 12:00 p.m. Monday
Classifieds 12:00 p.m. Monday

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